Policies and Procedures

During your time studying at South Coast Careers College/Adult Ed, there are policies and procedures that you’ll need to be aware of. You can find them below. Please familiarise yourself with these, and contact our friendly team on (02) 4472 9202 or admin@southcoastcolleges.edu.au if you have any questions or need any assistance!

The College has a formal commitment to implementing quality management practices.  The organisations Strategic Plan is based upon Our Mission:  “Investing in community education, skills and training” and Our Values:  We believe that a harmonious and productive society requires enthusiastic participation by all sectors of the community in life-long learning.

We, therefore, commit ourselves to the following core values:

  • Learner-Centred Education & Training that empowers businesses and individuals with the knowledge and skills to realise their visions and goals.
  • Excellence in Delivery of professional training & learning experiences.
  • Flexible and Relevant training that is current, meaningful and delivered to suit the needs of the community.
  • Friendly and Accessible – with the aim of removing all barriers to learning and knowledge transfer, providing learning opportunities for everyone in the community.
  • Community and Collaboration – providing solutions and running programs for the wellbeing of our local community through participation in community forums and the delivery of services through collaborative partnerships with other community organisations.
  • Integrity and Accountability in all aspects of our conduct with both clients and staff as a not for profit community service provider.

South Coast Colleges aims to provide an environment to support quality vocational education and training to benefit individuals, industry, business and the wider community. This policy is to ensure that all actual students have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities while training with South Coast Colleges. These rights and responsibilities are reflected in our Consumer protection policy. This policy is applicable to all operations of Adult Ed Community College.

South Coast Colleges, can provide support, advice and services which assist students to identify and achieve their desired learning outcomes, including Language, Literacy and Numeracy assistance; Flexible Learning and Assessment procedures; Advice on welfare and guidance services available to support them to enrol and participate in further education.

Other policies are below or can be found in the student handbook,

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