Food and Coffee

Make Your Own Chocolate Creation!

  COURSE OUTLINE - Make Your Own Chocolate Creation! Ever wondered how those amazing chocolate masterpieces are created? Want to create your own? Our chocolatier loves to use chocolate as an art form and would l...


Eating for Health – How to navigate the confusing area of diet and nutrition

COURSE OUTLINE - Eating for Health What is a "healthy" diet? The answer to this question changes depending on who you a...


Gut Health – The Digestive System and Microbiome Explored

COURSE OUTLINE - The Digestive System and Microbiome Explored Learn all about how your gut works at this ' Gut Health Course'! ...


Cupcake Decorating!

Cupcake Decorating for Kids!

Drop the kids off so they can get creative while you get the groceries! In this 3 hour class, your kitchen helper will learn different ways to decorate 4 cupcakes to take home,...



This hands-on course for beginners will give you real experience in the coffee making process. You will be taught by a qualified barista, and learn how to operate a commercial coffee machine, use and set t...