Food and Coffee

Eating for Health – How to navigate the confusing area of diet and nutrition

COURSE OUTLINE - Eating for Health What is a "healthy" diet? The answer to this question changes depending on who you a...


Gut Health – The Digestive System and Microbiome Explored

COURSE OUTLINE - The Digestive System and Microbiome Explored Learn all about how your gut works at this ' Gut Health Course'! ...


Cupcake Decorating!

Cupcake Decorating for Kids!

Drop the kids off so they can get creative while you get the groceries! In this 3 hour class, your kitchen helper will learn different ways to decorate 4 cupcakes to take home,...



This hands-on course for beginners will give you real experience in the coffee making process. You will be taught by a qualified barista, and learn how to operate a commercial coffee machine, use and set t...