Test and Tag Electrical Appliances

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Test and Tag

This course has been designed for those without electrical training to acquire the skills to perform inspections and tests of electrical equipment using a Portable Appliance Tester, according to NSW WHS regulations and the Australian Standard 3760.

It covers appliances that would normally plug into a standard 3 pin 10 or 15 amp outlet. It also covers using a portable appliance tester to test the operation (trip time and threshold current) of Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (also known as RCDs or safety switches).

Successful participants will receive a Statement of Training. No annual re- licensing fees. CPD Points 4


Course information

This course is designed for those who do not wish to complete the Nationally Recognised course but would still like to conduct electrical test and tagging. The course meets the requirements of both the Australian Standards and the WHS Regulations Code of Practice ‘Managing Electrical Risks in the Workplace’ which states;

“Inspection and testing of electrical equipment should only be carried out by a competent person who has the relevant knowledge, skills and test instruments to carry out the relevant inspection and testing. The person carrying out any testing of electrical equipment should also be competent to interpret the test results of any equipment they use. For example, a person carrying out testing should be:

  • a licensed electrician, or
  • a licensed electrical inspector, or
  • a person who has successfully completed a structured training course and been deemed competent in the use of a pass-fail type portable applicant tester and the visual inspection of electrical equipment.”

What you should expect

You will be taught in a small-sized class by a qualified trainer who is a licenced electrician and electrical engineer. This will ensure you have an interactive learning experience and given all the help you need. The course material focuses heavily on practical hands-on work and will therefore ensure you’re completely ready to test and tag on your own.

Course Duration 1 Day Face to Face only

Successful participants will receive a Statement of Training

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