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The fear of having their illiteracy discovered is almost crippling for some adults… ABS RESEARCH: 46% OF AUSTRALIAN ADULTS AGED 16-70 ARE ILLITERATE!

If you struggle with your literacy and would like to improve, this course is designed for you. By learning to read and write you can have confidence, fulfil dreams and in modern times, it is an essential tool for survival. Reading is the fundamental literacy skill. Literacy follows us everyday, unconsciously: at home, on TV, in shops, restaurants, work, buses, streets. Literacy is everywhere. Therefore, “the more you read, the more places you’ll go”.

Any sort of literacy activities ultimately leads to one goal: understanding. Whether it is reading or counting, our ultimate goal is to understand the world we live in and participate in our community with less or no barriers. There are several factors that determine literacy levels, and the most important is “phonemic awareness”. This is the familiarity of the links between spoken sounds and text on the page, and how to connect the text with words in vocabulary.

For many reasons, you may have lost your confidence in reading and writing – or may never have developed this ability in your early years. Maybe you want to read to your children or grandchildren, or perhaps you want to find out more about your community by reading newspapers or newsletters.

It might be a good idea for you to improve your literacy for work purposes! This is an informal, student-driven course for anyone who wants to improve in any area of reading and writing. It will cater to your individual needs in a small group learning environment.

New South Wales Statistics = 54% of adults achieved (in the ABS words) “the suitable literacy minimum for coping with the increasing and complex demands of modern life and work” (Adult Literacy and Life Skills survey 2006)

75% of Australian businesses report that literacy is a major issue. With our increasing reliance on immigrant labour in our factories, offices, and in retail and hospitality, literacy has emerged as the ‘make or break’ issue for Australian business over the next 20 years. Literacy and numeracy problems become particularly evident at the supervisor level. Many good workers effectively hit a glass ceiling at this level because their limited literacy and numeracy skills prevent them from progressing further and from making a greater contribution to their workplace, and to their own career.

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