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Course Outline – Statement of Attainment: TLILIC0003 – Licence to operate a forklift truck
FULL RTO Details can be found at | Forkpro Australia Pty Ltd | Registration number 91514.

The course has been organised to provide students with general skills, background information and specific knowledge about operating a forklift, which is then applied in the discussion, questioning, role-plays and practical application for the industry-specific unit. This course is designed for new entrants to various retail, wholesale, warehousing, construction, farming etc who require licensing under the “Standard for licensing of persons conducting high-risk work”. Prior to licensing students cannot be employed as forklift operators.

Course Delivery
  • This course is run under the new high-risk licencing regime
  • 2 days of training and 1-day assessment to gain full Forklift licence
  • Delivered off-the-job at Moruya NSW (or various other locations) and/or
  • On-the-job at the client’s premises (so long as the strict pre-conditions can be met).
  • Training delivery combines face-to-face trainer led theory classes and practical sessions involving small group and individual activities including peer critical evaluation scenarios, questioning, role-plays and simulations.
  • Candidates are provided with a training manual that covers all parts of the course. Additional material will be made available during training sessions if required.
How are students assessed?
  • There will be a theory, calculations and practical element of the final assessment.
  • The theory test answers can be given orally if circumstances require, although arrangements must be made at the time of booking the assessment. It is a closed book test and no outside assistance is permitted.
  • The calculations can only be completed in writing – no oral test is permitted.
  • Groups can sit for the theory/calculations test at one time providing there is sufficient separation. The assessor will supervise the written assessment at all times.
  • For the practical test, you will be required to complete set tasks using a compliant operator elevated turret forklift. Tests cannot proceed if the forklift is non-compliant however full assessment fee will be charged. If you are unsure whether the forklift is compliant contact our office for advice.

Forkpro, as far as is practical, will ensure that employers and candidates are kept informed of their progress through the training and assessment process.

Who needs this course?
  • This course is designed for new entrants to various retail, wholesale, warehousing construction, farming etc who require licensing under the “Standard for licensing of persons conducting high-risk work”.
  • Prior to licensing students cannot be employed as forklift operators. Completion of this qualification is required for licensing eligibility.
What will you get after completing this course?
  • The course provides a pathway to obtain a forklift licence – class LF – (for non-elevating operator position forklifts) and can lead onto a further qualification in Transport and Logistics (TLI10). Legal limitations or prerequisites exist on the qualification that may hamper the obtaining of a licence from the licencing authority.
  • This qualification does not allow operation of the LO class Order Picking Forklift. Please inquire if you are unsure as to which licence is required.
  • Participants will receive a nationally accredited Statement of Attainment: TLILIC0003 – Licence to operate a forklift truck (from Transport & Logistics Training Package, Cert I level).
  • CPD Points 23
Conditions of enrolment
  • Materials will be issued prior to the course – it is mandatory that participants undertake to pre-study the material and complete a pre-course assessment.
  • Students must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The required 100 points of identification must be presented on the day of assessment to confirm your current address, date of birth, signature and photo identity as well as other required forms. For suitable forms of identification see the SafeWork NSW fact sheet.
  • Students will be provided with a Record of Training, after enrolment. This book must be completed during supervised on-the-job training. The relevant information must be recorded within and the logbook must be presented on the day of the assessment. Students are no longer permitted to operate this equipment ‘on logbooks’ unless enrolled in an approved course of training.
  • PPE appropriate to your worksite (or if at the training centre long sleeve shirt, pants and your work boots) must be brought to the assessment.
It is a requirement that the following be in place for on-site training delivery.

If any of the following is not available, or you are unsure please advise so we can discuss alternatives.

  • The Forklift must be in safe operating condition and complies with the requirements of the State or Territory legislation. There must be an operators manual, pre-operation checklist. Maintenance records must also be available.
  • There must be the ability to stack loads to low, medium and full lift height of the forklift. i.e. pallet racking or block stacking. The top-level must be at least 75% of the forklift full lifting capacity.
  • Students must demonstrate the maneuvering of the forklift. Sufficient space must be available for maneuvering. A 400 square metre working zone is required in the assessment instrument. If less space is available please liaise with us to see what options are available.
  • 3 individual loads must be available that is equivalent to at least 50% of the forklifts lifting capacity. E.g. If the forklift load capacity plate shows 1000 kg the loads for the assessment should be between 500kg and 1000kg.
Special notes:
  • Photo ID Licence application fee is not included. Check the SafeWork NSW website for the current fee.  
  • This fee is not part of the license assessment charge levied by Forkpro Australia.
  • It is recommended that application be made soon after assessment as the NSA (NSW) or Statement of Attainment (ACT) is valid only for 60 days. In NSW the interim license expires at this point. In ACT there is no interim licence issued. The applicant must wait for the licence card to be issued.
  • In NSW if you are unsuccessful with your assessment a period of 48 hours must elapse before re-assessment can occur. Reassessments must be conducted within 90 days of the original assessment otherwise the full assessment must be undertaken. An additional fee will be charged for a re-assessment.
  • In NSW the RTO (ForkPro) must advise SafeWork NSW of the time, date and location of any assessments being conducted, as well as the type of theory assessment (written or oral) SafeWork NSW may exercise their right to have a SafeWork NSW Officer oversee/audit this assessment process.
  • Students can contact the licencing authority for qualification criteria and advice. Phone SafeWork NSW 131050 or WorkSafe ACT 02 6207 3000

USI NOTE: As of 1 January 2015 you will need a USI (Unique Student Identifier) to complete this course. For more information please call our office on 44729202 or visit our USI page.

Course Enquiry Form

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At the time of publishing all course dates were accurate, however dates and times are susceptible to change throughout the term. Please be sure to confirm your course dates on enrolment with our reception staff.