Self Defence for Women

self defence
COURSE OUTLINE – Self Defence for Women

Self Defence for Women will help you to understand the unique challenges of being a female in confrontational circumstances.  Learn what the word ‘disparity’ relates to in this context and become acquainted with ‘force multipliers’. Your trainer will explain your rights NOT to be a victim and share with the class practical self-defence skills that will empower you and give you more confidence.

This 10-week class contains:

  • Week 1 Being grabbed and dragged – strategies.
  • Week 2 Being hit – defences.
  • Week 3 Understanding leverage and weight when being pinned.
  • Week 4 Street smart tactics.
  • Week 5 Improvisation.
  • Week 6 Hair pulling, scratching and biting – analysed.
  • Week 7 Using your body to deliver effective strikes.
  • Week 8 How to submit a bigger person.
  • Week 9 Adrenaline stress and Reflex training introduction.
  • Week 10 Reflex training experience (fully suited BAD MAN and pace adjusted depending on experience).
  • Batemans Bay
  • Rory Hogan


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