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Course Outline

If you would like to promote your business and learn simple marketing tools to do so – join South Coast Colleges Small Business Workshops!

You will learn, business planning basics, setting up your business profile, how to create your business website and much more! This course will help you with handy hints to benefit all aspects of your small business.

Our FEE FREE ‘Create your own online business in a day’ Workshop is part of the Tech Savvy for Small Businesses. This course is funded by the NSW Government.

This is an accredited course! Units of Competency included, are ICTWEB201 – Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement, and FSKDIG03 – Use digital technology for routine workplace tasks.

Tech Savvy for Small Business Courses are only available to eligible students who live or work in NSW and meet the standard criteria.

To be eligible for the  FEE FREE program you must meet one of the eligibility criteria listed below.

Please only register if you are in one of these two categories

I am an owner of a small business

A Small business is defined as a business with:

  • 20 employees or less; or
  • an annual turnover of less than $2,000,000.

 I am an employee of a small business.

A Small business is defined as a business with:

  • 20 employees or less; or
  • an annual turnover of less than $2,000,000.

I acknowledge that providing false or inaccurate information at the time of enrolment amounts to a breach of the student code of conduct.  I warrant that the information provided in this form is accurate and that should any such statements and/or representations prove later to be false, any decision made as a result may be reversed and I will be required to pay appropriate fees without delay.

I understand that South Coast Careers College and the Department of Industry reserve the right to seek evidence to support any claims made on this form and to verify your eligibility.



Course Information

  • Duration: 7 Hours
  • Time: 9:00am – 4:30pm (includes breaks)
  • Statement of Attainment: ICTWEB201 – Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement & FSKDIG03 – Use digital technology for routine workplace tasks.

The course will include the following topics: –

  1. Commencing Your Online Business

During this session, you will receive written and practical instruction for each component of this workshop.

  • business planning basics for your new business
  • summary of legal obligations as a business owner;
  • how to identify your ideal customer and market directly to them create a business plan

Duration: 2 hours

  1. Creating with Canva

During this session, you will be introduced to Canva as a free, useful, creative software platform for small business owners that enables you to create your own promotional materials.

  • be provided with an overview of creating a balanced layout that is eye-catching
  • be familiarised with the different saving format types
  • how materials can be utilised on other platforms
  • be able to use their Canva creation in the next session of the day.

Duration: 1 1/2 hrs

  1. Facebook Your Business

During this session, you will be familiarised with the specific features that are only available for business Facebook pages that are not available on a personal page.

  • Receive instruction on how to create a business Facebook page for your new online business.
  • Learn how to set up their business profile
  • Create a business Facebook page header for your business
  • Have completed the setup of a business Facebook page for your  business

Duration: 11/2 hrs

  1. Create Your Business Website

During this session, you will create a business website on the free Wix platform which is an easy drag and drop platform that will enable you, even with previous website building experience to create a basic website for their new online business.

  • Students will receive information and instruction how to create a basic website using a free version of the Wix platform
  • During this exercise, students will learn the basics of setting up the framework of a basic website that creates an online presence for their business.
  • The focus of this session will be to ensure that you are aware of the need to have a website as a necessary part of owning and managing an online business

Duration: 2 hrs




At the conclusion of this 7 hour, one day workshop on Creating Your Online Business in a Day, you will have:-

  • an understanding of how to set up and establish your own online business with a greater understanding of the legal and practical obligations
  • the knowledge required to create their own creative marketing material using Canva, how to set up a business Facebook page and how to create a basic business website.
  • Statement of Attainment: ICTWEB201 – Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement & FSKDIG03 – Use digital technology for routine workplace tasks.

The Tech Savvy Small Business Program is part of NSW Government Smart and Skilled funding. The purpose of the funding is to support small business owners and their staff by providing fully subsidised training in short courses targeting information technology, business services or foundation skills.

To be eligible for Smart and Skilled training, you must be:

  • An Australian Citizen, permanent resident or humanitarian visa holder, or a New Zealand citizen and
  • Aged 15 years or older, and
  • Live or work in NSW, and
  • No longer be at school or equivalent.

For the purposes of this program, a small business is defined as a business with:

  • 20 employees or less, or
  • an annual turnover of less than $2,000,000.

To be eligible for Tech-Savvy Small Business training, you must satisfy all of the above requirements, plus be either an owner or employee of a small business.


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