Complaints Policy

South Coast Community College Complaints Procedure

South Coast Community College is committed to providing students with a positive experience when interacting with college staff and undertaking learning.  Occasionally students may have concerns regarding this experience or with a particular aspect of their program.  In the interests of supporting students throughout their learning journey and as a means of ensuring continuous improvement, South Coast Community College has a Complaints Procedure in place which all students may access. The complaint process allows for a fair and equitable resolution of any issues raised in relation to:  

  • The conduct of trainers, assessors, and other staff;
  • A South Coast Community College contracted a third party (including its representatives) to provide services on behalf of the College;
  • A student of South Coast Community College.

South Coast Community College Complaints Procedure will follow the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness by allowing anyone subject to a decision by South Coast Community College, or anyone who has allegations made against them, to tell their side of the story before a decision is made. There is no fee or charge levied for any complaint process. A student complainant’s enrolment will be maintained during the complaints and appeals procedure. The Complaints Procedure is detailed in the Student Handbook available on this website. It commences with an approach to the person in question to resolve the issue informally.

Lodging a Formal Complaint

If you wish to lodge a formal complaint, please contact the General Manager via email detailing the nature of the complaint and providing your full name and phone number. Please note that any student who is dissatisfied with the outcome of an assessment may access the South Coast Community College’s Assessment Appeals Process which is also detailed in the Student Handbook.

The General Manager must then investigate the grievance, and document action is taken to resolve the dispute. Also to review the effectiveness of those actions to ensure that the grievance is effectively resolved. If this outcome is not achievable and a grievance or dispute still exists, the Chairperson of the South Coast Community College Board, and another party not previously involved in the grievance, will review the case.

This panel will provide a report in writing to the complainant. This documentation is to be held as part of the College’s Records Management System.

If you feel you need to report your complaint externally you may contact:

Office of Fair Trading

13 32 20

For Smart and Skilled Students contact:
Smart and Skilled Customer Support

13 28 11 or 1300 77 21 04

For vocational training issues contact:
Australian Skills Quality Authority
1300 701 801

Other circumstances:

Contact the Administration Team if you wish to discuss any other matter.

02 4472 9202