Refund Policy

If a course is canceled by South Coast Community College, students will receive a full refund within fourteen (14) days of course cancellation.

If a student withdraws from a course before it commences, the student may transfer to another course at a later date and within 12 months OR

14+ days’ notice100% refund less $25 administration fee
7 – 13 day’s notice75% refund less $25 administration fee
48 hrs to 6 days’ notice50% refund less $25 administration fee
Less than 48 hours notice  or if student is a ‘no show’Nil refund
Extenuating circumstances

Unfortunately, the College cannot accept any responsibility for changes in a participant’s personal circumstances.  If the student can provide evidence of extenuating circumstances a credit note or refund of course fees paid less $25 Administration Charge may be provided at the discretion of the General Manager.  This will be assessed on a case by case basis and must be applied for in writing with supporting evidence. 

Extenuating circumstances may include, but are not limited to, serious sudden illness or injury, or other reasons that are out of the ordinary. Evidence must be successfully provided to support the student’s circumstances which indicate that the student is unable to continue their studies and would not reasonably be able to continue.

Other circumstances:
South Coast Community College withdraws the student from enrolment in a course because of the student’s misbehaviour, misconduct or breach of the Students’ Code of Conduct.No refund
Closure of South Coast Community CollegeRefund of the balance of course fees paid for that portion of the course not yet delivered, or full refund if the course did not commence, paid within 14 working days.
Student withdraws from an Online Learning course.No refund is available after the student has enrolled and received access to the online course.
Student withdraws from a Distance Learning course.No refund is available once the student has enrolled and received details of the competencies of a course and an outline of distance learning study procedures.  In cases of hardship, a student may be permitted to transfer to a later South Coast Community College course.
The student has overpaid the advertised course fee.A refund of the difference between the fee paid and the advertised course fee will be paid within 14 working days.
South Coast Community College cancels the course before its expected end date.The balance of the course fees paid for that portion of the course not yet delivered will be refunded within 14 working days of the cancellation date.


Contact the Administration Team if you wish to apply for a refund.

02 4472 9202