Student Rights & Responsibilities

Student Rights

  • Students have the right to learn in an appropriate environment that is free from any form of harassment or discrimination.
  • Students have the right to expect a competent trainer who can assist them to achieve the expected course outcomes.
  • Students have the right to be reassessed if competency is not met in the first instance.  It is the student’s responsibility to notify the College or the Training Manager when enrolling if support is required (e.g., help with literacy, transport, access to venue etc).  Students are responsible for personal possessions during class.

Student Responsibilities

Each South Coast Community College student is expected to:

  • treat other and South Coast Community College personnel with respect and fairness.
  • follow any reasonable direction from South Coast Community College personnel.
  • be punctual and regular in attendance.
  • notify the College or their trainer if they are unable to attend the class.
  • refrain from using mobile phones in workshops.
  • refrain from excessive or offensive swearing.
  • return South Coast Community College equipment materials on time.
  • observe normal safety practices, such as wearing approved clothing and protective equipment.
  • refrain from smoking in South Coast Community College buildings and designated areas; and
  • submit assessment events by the due date or seek approval to extend the due date.
  • Provide true, accurate and complete information when applying for a course or completing an enrolment.

South Coast Community College student must not at any time:

  • harass fellow students or South Coast Community College personnel.
  • damage, steal, modify or misuse property (including electronic records).
  • be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • engage in any other behaviour which could offend, embarrass, or threaten others; or 
  • engage in plagiarism, collusion or cheating in any assessment activity.

It is every participant’s responsibility to respect the rights of other participants, trainers and staff while attending a course at the College.

Student Discipline

  • In a situation where it is deemed that a participant’s behaviour has been unacceptable, the participant will be asked to leave the College by the Trainer/Tutor of the course.
  • A subsequent investigation may take place. The investigation will be conducted by the Training Manager and/or CEO of the College.  The investigations will be conducted in accordance with the College’s Discipline and Dismissal policy.
  • Where such an investigation determines that the participant’s behaviour has occurred outside of the organisation policies and procedures, the College will formally notify the participant involved. 
  • Where a participant’s behaviour has been determined to be outside the College’s policies and procedures course fees will not be refunded.
  • Information about student discipline can be found in the College’s Evidence, Discipline and Validation Policy.

Excerpt from Student Handbook