Work Placement Guidelines

The qualification that you have chosen mandates work placement to facilitate the practical application of your new skills and to enhance your learning and understanding of your industry. You are required to complete 120 hours over the course of your study. This is very achievable even with a few hours per week.

If you do not already have a job in the care industry South Coast Community College will assist you to identify potential employers or volunteer opportunities. We have a number of contacts in the region who may be interested in discussing work placement opportunities with you. We can assist you in making an application for employment for the purposes of completing your study.

Ideally, if you are not already in a job in the care industry, it would be preferable to apply for and obtain a role on the understanding that you are undertaking training. If you undertake a voluntary role and demonstrate your commitment to learning and work ethic, it is also quite possible that you may obtain a paid role in time. This is not guaranteed but it is always a possibility for reliable volunteers.

If you are already in a paid role you are covered by your employer’s workers compensation insurance. If you are undertaking your work placement in a voluntary capacity you will be covered by the South Coast Community College’s insurance while volunteering.

You are required to complete 120 hours over the period of your study. Depending on the arrangement in place you may do this at say 5 hours per week over 24 weeks, or you may do four weeks of 30 hours. The arrangement will depend on your employer or the organization offering the voluntary opportunity.

You will be placed in a general role under the supervision of an experienced worker or supervisor. You will be asked to perform a variety of duties associated with providing care and these will be negotiated with the workplace to support your training.

You will be required to complete portfolio assessments based on your work. You will be guided by your workplace assessor who is employed by the College. You may present pay slips or complete a log book to record your actual work hours. Log books will be verified by supervisors.

You will have opportunities to practice key skills in the College’s Simulation Lab before you apply the skills in the workplace. Your trainer will ensure you are ready to do the practical work and complete the practical workplace assessments. As mentioned above, you will also prepare a confidential portfolio of work under the guidance of your trainer / assessor. This will be part of your assessment. Your trainer / assessor will ensure you are ready to be assessed and feedback will be sought from your workplace supervisor to ensure you are ready to be assessed.

South Coast Community College Student Engagement Officer will maintain contact with you, along with your trainer / assessor to ensure you are comfortable with your placement and progressing in your learning. YoumayalsoaccesstheStudentHubforsupportwithyourassessments.

You are expected to represent the College well by being punctual, listening to instructions, and observing all safety and confidentiality requirements in the workplace. Particularly if you are volunteering, you are not expected to know everything or perform as an experienced worker. You will learn these things over time on your placement. You should advise the Student Engagement Officer or your trainer / assessor in a timely manner if you have any concerns about your placement.

Contact our Student Engagement Officer by phoning the College on 02 4472 9202.

Click here to download a PDF of Work Placement Guidelines