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COURSE OUTLINE – Welcome to Yoga

Designed for beginners, this course will welcome you to some of the physical and mental practices and benefits of yoga.  Classes will include basic physical poses, flowing movement, breath awareness, guided meditations and yoga wisdoms. Suitable for all, beginners especially welcome.

The course will not only introduce you to physical yoga but will also give you a better understanding of what yoga is really about.  Practising postures helps us to be flexible, strong, focused, grounded and healthy.  But yoga is not just about physical exercise. Yoga is more about “innercise”, what is happening inside ourselves.

Yoga means to connect, to join, to unite. We join our body, mind, and breath through physical poses, breath control, and relaxation.  We connect to prana, the universal life force energy, through our breath and movement.  We unite our individual self with the universal soul through our yoga.

Mindful yoga practice brings the mind, body, breath, energy, consciousness, and soul together in a focused balanced whole. Breathwork and postures help us to focus and quieten our minds, to find mental calm and stillness within ourselves, so we can more easily move into deep relaxation and meditation.

The course will involve physical practices so you need some level of physical ability but you won’t be expected to do yoga gymnastics.  We work on the philosophy that “if you can breathe you can do yoga”.  It’s all about finding your own yoga, your own mind-body-breath connection.

  • Batemans Bay @ Broulee Yoga Shed

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