Appeals Policy

South Coast Community College Appeals Procedure

South Coast Community College is committed to providing students with a positive experience when interacting with college staff. This includes undertaking formal assessments.  The College is committed to providing a transparent approach to all aspects of assessment. All students will be informed of assessment processes, requirements, timelines, and reasonable adjustments. This includes the student’s right to appeal final assessment outcomes at enrolment and course commencement.

Students will be provided with constructive feedback when advised of the assessment outcome and offered the opportunity to appeal the assessment result. Students have the right to lodge an appeal against competency decisions made if:

  • they believe the outcome is invalid; or
  • they feel the process was invalid, inappropriate or unfair.

South Coast Community College Assessment Appeals Process will follow the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness. All appeals will be addressed in a fair, efficient, and confidential manner.  All assessment appeals will be treated seriously and investigated thoroughly. All stages of the appeals process will be documented. Notes will be provided to all parties involved including the outcomes of the appeal and reasons for the decisions made. There is no fee or charge levied for any appeal process.

The Assessment Appeals Procedure is detailed in the Student Handbook available on this website.  It commences with an approach to the assessor to seek clarification in the first instance. If you wish to lodge a formal Assessment Appeal, please contact the Training Manager ( detailing your reasons for the appeal. You must also provide your full name and phone number.

Please note that any student who is dissatisfied with the Assessment Appeals Process may access the South Coast Community College’s Complaints Process. This process is detailed in the Student Handbook.  

Other circumstances:

Contact the Administration Team if you wish to lodge an appeal.

02 4472 9202