Mark Ettridge Youth Scholarship Fund

Once in a while people are blessed to walk for a time beside a person who makes a positive difference in their lives. One such person was Mark Ettridge.

Mark was an advocate. An advocate of young people, of self-reflection, of life-long learning, of wisdom, of fairness and of growth. His life was dedicated to building a better future for young people and in having them realise the best about themselves.

Mark made everyone feel important, he sought out positive characteristics to build a person’s confidence, and embedded strategies to enable better decision making and accountability.

His investment of time and patience made a significant difference to so many people; people who went on to break generational cycles of welfare dependency, of offending, of substance and alcohol abuse. People who truly found the best version of themselves after his intervention.

Mark was taken from us suddenly; and as a friend and colleague, I know he was far from done. To continue his work and carry on his legacy is an honour and a gift. While he is completely irreplaceable, this scholarship fund will keep him active in the community of young people, the place where he found his greatest peace.

Never to be forgotten, his big booming laugh and sparkly blue eyes will live on in our memory. His advocacy and assistance will live on through the College and through this fund.

Fly high big man xxx

Mark Ettridge Youth Scholarship Fund


This scholarship fund has the following characteristics:

  • The fund is a public fund
  • The fund is operated by a charity (The Eurobodalla Adult Education Centre trading as South Coast Careers College) registered with the Australian Charities Not for Profit Commission (ACNC) ABN 76 709 589 251
  • The fund is established and maintained solely for providing money for eligible scholarships, bursaries or prizes


The Mark Ettridge Scholarship Program has been established to support disadvantaged young people to re-engage with education and learning with a view of transitioning to employment. By empowering young people to gain education, training and employment we are providing them with the best possible chance to succeed. The scholarship fund will be applicable under reasons of equity to assist those who are experiencing socio-economic disadvantage or hardship.


  • To increase access to relevant training by local youth, aged 14-23, within the Shoalhaven, Eurobodalla and Bega Valley Shire regions who otherwise would financially be unable to complete further education, access support and welfare services and enter employment.
  • Financial distress related to education is a significant factor for disadvantaged students and their families. By relieving these costs, we can help bridge the gap of inequality and assist youth to remain engaged in education and develop their capacity to gain skills for employment and work experience.  This financial distress can be applied to basic provisions such as food and transport costs through to directly related education and employment costs.
  • The scholarship will assist in providing support and direct relief for people in necessitous circumstances, through education, training and advocacy, to many in our community experiencing challenges associated with poverty, unemployment, disengagement and disability.
  • Provide training, education and learning programs that help develop an individual’s capacity to gain skills for employment and work experience. This includes support and relief for people in necessitous circumstances, such as those who are unemployed, disengaged, Indigenous or living with a disability.

South Coast Careers College is governed by the Constitution ‘Eurobodalla Adult Education Centre Constitution’ under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 . The purpose and objects of the College, and the objectives within the Scholarship fund align. The Scholarship Fund relies upon the Constitution as its governing document


Scholarship funds will be allocated to students who require financial relief to offset the basic costs associated with their wellbeing, education, training and employment.


Funding will be available throughout the year and will be accessible to those students who meet the eligibility requirements and whom a minimum of 3 Board Delegates determine should be recipients. Delegated authority can be confirmed electronically (by email) and is to be recorded.


The desired outcomes for every young person assisted by this scholarship is that they will be able to complete their education to the best of their abilities and progress to further study or secure employment.

Other outcomes include:

  • Reduced financial stress for young person/carer
  • Assist in reducing the cycle of poverty and disadvantage
  • Enhances the sense of self-worth, optimism and achievement of recipients
  • Reduce the need for government financial assistance through gaining employment
  • Improved capacity to participate in community pursuits


The public will be invited to contribute to the Scholarship fund. Funding will be determined by the Public Officer and a minimum of 3 Board Delegates from the Board of Directors based on individual and financial needs of students, not through student applications. Funds can be used to support (but not limited to):

  • Course fees
  • Travel costs
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Sustenance
  • Welfare and support services


Recipients will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Australian or permanent resident
  • Aged 14 – 23
  • Resides within the Shoalhaven, Eurobodalla or Bega Valley Shire
  • Funds assist with employment attainment or retention
  • Funds enable access to welfare/support services
  • Funds assist with education enrolment, progression or attainment
  • Funds support basic needs such as access to food and shelter
  • Funds support access for young people to participate in Emotional Intelligence practices
  • Funds promote legal support or prevent further offending
  • Funds promote intervention remedies for drug and alcohol dependency


Scholarships operate where funds are received:

  • For a particular student
  • Where the legal entity decides the recipient(s), there may be more than one a year
  • Are not targeted at an individual student and administered by the legal entity under terms and conditions set by the donor. Any interest earned on the initial investment provides funds for the scholarships going forward.

Scholarship funds are to be managed within a bank account designated purely to the fund. The fund will produce financial reports supporting income received and acquittal. Full visibility of the funds will be provided in XERO accounting system. The fund will be able to make payments against student fees directed to the legal entity or for other goods and services externally.

Financial management of the fund will be governed by the Board of Directors of the legal entity. The scholarship fund will be reviewed at each board meeting and the conclusion of each board meeting review documented on the minutes.