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A Note from Sarah Watterson CEO

Semester One 2018 – Me:Sponsible

It isn’t often I get the luxury of sitting quietly and reflecting. I am a natural whirling dervish of activity, but I also work in a fast-paced environment, raise two very active boys and spend my free time charging around trying to cram in every opportunity and make it count. And then I complain I am tired!!

Each year I adopt a mantra. One year was ‘Keep it simple’ 2017 was ‘Love yourself first’. This year is ‘Me:Sponsible’ and I love it!

We need to focus on all that we are and make time to be what we think we would like to become.

Me:Sponsible – the act of being responsible to me for the benefit of my health, happiness and wellbeing. Even at primary school children are taught to be responsible for themselves. Not in the ‘make sure you have your hat, bag, lunch box’ way, but in the ‘you can’t be responsible for the actions of others’ way. As adults we become conflicted, we are always taught to think of others, do for others and then being Me:Sponsible becomes an afterthought. We put our dreams on hold, we don’t commit time to indulge ourselves, we judge ourselves on what we haven’t done or what we haven’t become. The whole thing needs reverse engineering. We need to focus on all that we are and make time to be what we think we would like to be.

In 2018 I am going to be Me:Sponsible. I am going to make decisions and allow time which benefits my health, happiness and wellbeing. I hope you take a moment to consider what being Me:Sponsible looks like for you. The best example you can set for anyone is to be happy in your skin, not be afraid to challenge yourself and recognise that the only failure is never trying.

Best wishes

Sarah Watterson


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