Care Role

CHCSS00114 Entry to Care Roles Skill Set 

This skill set provides the skills and knowledge required to provide entry level support for basic client care for a range of roles and purposes required within the aged care and disability support sectors. The support provided in client care will be predominantly non-direct, with some basic direct client care, in order to maintain the safety of both the learner and client in care. 

Candidates who complete this skill set would be equipped with the skills and knowledge required to undertake job tasks to support fully qualified carers, such as making beds, providing assistance to maintain a clean environment and communicating with carers as part of the support service. 

Career Opportunities

This skill set provides a pathway to entry into the community care sector in the areas of home care, disability support and aged care. These units of competency from HLT Health and CHC Community Services Training Packages meet industry requirements to provide basic entry level care and / or provide support to fully qualified carers in aged care and disability support contexts.  


Opportunity to enhance skills and job options. Access to experienced community sector and care workers