Individual Support Aging

CHCSS00129 – Individual Support – Ageing Skill Set

This course covers skills for providing person-centred support to older people in various settings, within the delegations of an established individualised plan.  This skill set will cover skill relating to the provision of individual support and including  information and skills to allow the individual to work effectively in aged care, facilitate the empowerment of people receiving support, provide support to people living with dementia and deliver care services using a palliative approach. 

Career Opportunities

Students who complete this course may wish to continue their education into a range of other community services qualifications. These units provide credit towards a range of qualifications in the CHC Community Services Training Package or HLT Health Training Package at Certificate IV and Diploma level.   Potential employment options are as a direct support worker in aged care, disability, home and community care or other direct care work in the community services industry.


Opportunity to enhance skills and job options. Access to experienced community sector and care workers