Worm Farming, Composting & Gardening

Worm Farming Composting & Gardening

During this class, you will learn Worm Farming,Composting & Gardening and how to grow and harvest worms, and how to compost and grow food. This course will teach you the benefits of knowing how to make your garden and the ecosystem flourish.

Target Audience

The course applies to all people who wish to learn how to compost, harvest, and grow food. 


  • Worms produce wonderfully rich soil that benefits gardens, plants, flower beds, and lawns. Worm composting is a wonder for growing things, plants and gardens flourish with this worm compost.
  • Composting and gardening help to improve soil health The organic matter present in compost improves the health of your garden by increasing its fertility. This makes it easier for plants to absorb nutrients from the soil.

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